Refractories in heat assemblies
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Aluminum silicate refractory goods, produced at PJSC "Belokamensky Refractories" are used for lining of blast furnaces, steel an industrial ladles, cupolas, boiler chambers, open-hearth furnaces (mainly external rows), fume ducts, lime burning furnaces, cement, glass furnaces, vacuum degassing units and other thermal installations. Our goods are comparative stable to influence of acid slag and heating and cooling interchange. Aluminum silicate refractory materials are less resistant to basic slag. High aluminous goods are able to be used during more high temperatures.

• - mullit – to 1500-1600 C

• - corundum – to 1700-1800 C

Corundum alumina silicate goods are most resistant to aggressive melts. Find herebelow an examples of our refractory materials application.

Blast furnace

Open hearth furnace

Electric arc furnace

Shaft furnace

Rotating furnace

Vacuum degassing unit

Oxygen converter


Steel ladle

Glass furnace


Main Refractories in heat assemblies